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A Typical 1-Day tour with us would be as follows:

  • 09:00 Meet and pick up group from an agreed location
  • 10.30 Farm visit (beef, dairy, sheep, crop, equine, shellfish etc.)
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 13.30 Farm visit
  • 16:00 Historical/cultural site visit
  • 18.00 Return to pick up location

1-Day Beef Tour

Let us take you on a day trip through lush green pastures to visit Irish beef farms. Discuss cattle prices with your host farmer and learn about the unique focus on grass-fed beef farming in Ireland. Get a true farm to fork experience during lunch and sample some prime local beef. Have you ever wondered why Irish beef is so popular in Europe and all over the world? Friendly and knowledgeable guides to ensure that regardless of prior knowledge of agriculture, guests gain an appreciation of farm life and the vital role that agriculture plays in Irish culture in a fun and informative way.


Grain to Glass Whiskey Tour

Ireland has a long history of brewing and distilling throughout the ages. Nowadays the country is dotted with breweries and distilleries producing some of the finest beer and whiskey. Join us as we visit two unique integrated farm-based brewery and distillery. Learn about the agronomy techniques involved in growing grains on each farm. Follow the grain in the step-by-step process involved in brewing and distilling. Finish each tour with a tasting session of beer and whiskey.


1-Day Dairy/Robotic Milking Tour

In recent times, there has been a surge of interest in automated milking systems, commonly known as 'robots'. LELY Ireland is actively involved in robotic milking.

Farm Tours Ireland is delighted to offer you a chance to visit separate dairy farms who have adopted the LELY technology. This 1 day tour will afford you the opportunity to see robotic milking first hand, engage with the famer and network with other like-minded farmers.


1-Day Crop Farm Tour

Dive into the world of Irish crop farming with one of our escorted tours! Embark on a journey to learn about tillage farming in Ireland and how Irish soil fertility makes wheat and barley farming the dominant crops. We take you to farms cultivating cereal and fodder crops or growing potatoes. With Farm Tours Ireland you will tour farms with some of the highest average grain yields in the world. Chat to the farmers, earn about their methods of production, challenges faced and marketing of their product.