Dairy production has always been an integral part of the Irish farming industry. Join Farm Tours Ireland for a Dairy Tour in Ireland and learn about the unique way of Irish dairy farming.

There are currently close to 1.6 million dairy cows in Ireland on approximately 18,000 farms. Ireland's grass growing ability is maximised to its full potential by the dynamic dairy farming and processing industry. 

Total milk output is 7.25 billion litres. High quality milk products such as cheese, butter, casein and infant milk are sold throughout the world, with exports of these dairy products amounting to almost €5 billion.

The majority of herds are operated on a seasonal grass based system with cows calving in spring and grazing for the majority of their lactation. 10% of herds are milked 365 days a year, with cows calving all year around or in spring/autumn blocks.

The most common dairy breeds are Holstein or Friesian, although Jerseys, Mountbeliardes and Norwegian Red are also seen.

We have unrivalled access to some of Ireland's best dairy herds, with a range of robotic and rotary parlor farms.