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Dairy & Beef Tours of Ireland

Dairy Industry in Ireland

There are currently over 1.1 million dairy cows in Ireland, on approximately 20,000 farms. Ireland's grass growing ability is maximised to its full potential by the dynamic dairy farming and processing industry.  Total milk output is over 5,400 million litres. High quality milk products such as cheese, butter, casein and infant milk are sold throughout the world with exports of these dairy products amounting to €2.7 billion. Ireland is currently the 10th largest dairy export nation in the world.

Beef Production in Ireland

Ireland produces approximately 550,000 tonnes of beef annually. About 10% of this is consumed domestically, meaning 500,000 tonnes is exported, worth €1.8 billion. Nearly 98% of exports are destined for the UK and continental Europe. Along with exported carcass beef, almost 200,000 live cattle are exported to continental Europe to meet the demand of the feedlot industry for high quality, healthy animals. Given this fact, it is easy to understand why Ireland is the 4th largest net exporter of beef in the world.

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