Tillage and Crop Farming Tour

Dive into the world of Irish crop farming with one of our escorted tours! Embark on a journey to learn about horticulture in Ireland and how Irish soil fertility makes wheat and barley farming the dominant crops. We take you to farms cultivating cereal and fodder crops or growing potatoes. Learn from experts at Teagasc, Ireland's Agriculture and Food Development Authority, on the newest research at their Crop Science campus in Oak Park, Co. Carlow.

With Farm Tours Ireland you will tour farms with the highest average yields in the world. Chat to the farmers, earn about their methods of production, challenges faced and marketing of their product. Engage with leading tillage experts, animal feed compounders and grain merchants. Visit a potato processing plant and take a tour of the factory.

Farm Tours Ireland, Ireland's premier tour operator for agricultural tours, takes you on intimate visits to Irish family farms or the Emerald Isle's biggest tillage operations. You want to see first-hand how a specific crop is grown in Ireland? Let us know in the form below and we'll shape up your custom Farm Tour itinerary for you!

Sample itinerary for a two day Tillage and Crop Farming Tour from Dublin

Day 1

  • 10:00 Meet and pick up group from Dublin city centre

  • 11.00 Visit 300 hectare tillage farm in Ardee, Co Louth

    • growing a wide range of tillage crops including wheat, barley, rape and maize

    • Discover how grain is processed and sold to local livestock farms

    • A prominent crop agronomist will accompany the group on this visit

  • 14.00 Lunch

  • 15.30 Check in to hotel. Leisure facilities, walking tours and golf available

Day 2

  • 09.30 Visit 500 hectare tillage farm

    • specialising in growing cereal crops, potatoes and forage maize

    • Study the latest technology involved in designing efficient seeding and spraying programmes

  • 12.30 Lunch

  • 14.00 Visit a 5000 year old neolithic burial chamber

  • 18.30 Return to Dublin and drop off at city centre location

Please note: Sample price is given for single day tour.

Plan your individual Farm Tour with us:

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